Taking over New York? What the fuck is wrong with you idiot?

So, I am traini…

So, I am training tomorrow. Not gonna tell where, but I will disclose that I am a bartender. Hopefully everything goes well tomorrow. From now on I will focus on some intricacies of this business. 



Hey, my name is, well, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that I live in New York City. I moved here two years ago and I am still this same old pathetic loser. Well, not exactly a loser, but I wouldn’t say that I am better off than I was two years ago. My liver is definitely worse. Granted, I have a great boyfriend, I live in a nice two bedroom apartment (in a shitty neighborhood tho), but I still really suck at some things. I have been unemployed for a month now, and I can feel myself deteriorating. I bet the mouse that lives in my apartment feels sorry for me. Why am I still unemployed? Well, I feel like it’s a combination of things. First of all, I really suck at interviews, second I am quite lazy. Sometimes it’s just easier to spend whole day at home, trying to postpone everything for tomorrow. Yeah, this couch life really sucks ass. I have been unsuccessfully trying to get myself running for the past two weeks. Might do it tomorrow (I’ll keep my fingers crossed).